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BREAKING: Dave Portnoy is Suing Julia Black, Business Insider

After getting word that Julia Black is publishing another hit piece on him despite legal warnings, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy has announced on Twitter that he is officially taking Julia, her boss Henry Blodget, and Business Insider to court.

This officially comes after Business Insider made an article on which mentioned that Portnoy had videotaped three women during their sexual affairs. During those times, one of those women said she had fractured her hip during rough sex with the ‘El Presidente’ (feel free to check out our blog on that below).

In Portnoy’s long Barstool story tweet below, he explains why one of the key reasons why he went on to sue them.

“I wish I could say I’m surprised that Business Insider went ahead and published the 2nd hit piece on me despite the mountain of evidence that contradicts their reporting, but I would have been shocked if they didn’t post it,” Portnoy said in his Barstool post.

“After all this is what BI does. They basically lie, cheat, steal, manipulate their way to clicks without any regard for the truth or whose lives may get ruined in the process. And let’s not forget the guy who runs it, Henry Blodget is a convicted liar and crook who stole money from everyday Americans before he was literally banned from Wall Street for life.  This is just his next white collar crime endeavor.“

The sad part of all this mess is that even after making video and formal press conferences, Portnoy still believed that Julia Black and Business Insider was going to publish those pieces on him. He also had the support from the Nantucket Police Department as they chose not to investigate him in the first place too.

Sometimes Portnoy’s gotta do what Portnoy has got to do. As stated in our posts back last fall, this will be quite a timeline between the both sides in court; hopefully it can go in the El Presidente’s favor.

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