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BREAKING: Dave Portnoy Fractured A Womens Hip During Rough Sex? Also Likes To Film Having Sex (We’ve Known This)

Written by TrevStone

I can’t lie Business Insider attempting to take down Dave Portnoy the founder of Barstool Sports once again the day before $PENN earnings is sickening. I can’t lie, we aren’t falling for this foolishness. Especially if you’re going to release this story once again the day before earnings drop. It’s absolutely sickening. And the CEO of Business Insider, Henry Blodget, is banned from the SEC from trading stocks for life because of fraud! But here we are again another Dave Portnoy hit piece the day before earnings drop.

Last time the story had a bunch of holes and Dave took everything with a hammer and started swinging. He made sure he had receipts from everything. And it honestly made Business Insider look like scumbags. That they’re running these stories and live this perfect life.

As someone who grew up sexually assaulted, I was very confused on some of the stories that were shared. You can click here to read them.

But this new story is about Dave Portnoy enjoying filming himself having sex and includes three different chicks.

But guess what, we aren’t even able to read it. Why? Because Business Insider decided once again to put this behind a paywall. Something that seems unjust when it comes to sexual assault or something of that nature.

But this story seems like something that we have all known about and seems to be stretched out. But I also believe that Portnoy might be rough in bed.. Well not that I believe that, we all know that. If you follow Barstool or Portnoy at all you’d know he’s had his fair share of leaked sex tapes. And if you’ve accidently clicked on them you’d know he likes to rough. Although if you watch them or share it, it’s a federal crime, it’s well known. Portnoy likes to fuck and enjoys videoing while doing it.

One of the women, Kayla, said that it was so rough her rib was fractured. I mean, that’s wild. Why wasn’t this story brought up before? Yes, it’s possibly it happened. Maybe at the time she was enjoying it and then boom… Also another question, why was it only mentioned after the last article? I mean if I had a body part broken during sex, I’d be pissed right away. Not later on. I’m pretty sure in the moment as I was in pain is when I’d have been screaming at Portnoy and came forward. Not after news publications are asking for stories.

I want to believe the women. But Business Insider constantly doing this the day before earnings drop for Barstool seems fishy. Putting it behind a paywall is fishy. Somethings add up, but not all of it.

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