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BREAKING: Dallas Cowboys To Be On The Next Season Of HBO’s Series “Hard Knocks” #HardKnocks

Written by austenlange

Per Adam Schefter The Dallas Cowboys are expecting to be the team featured on this seasons “Hard Knocks”. The Cowboys apparently thought this would be a great idea and Jerry even came out saying he “expected to be on the show”. Well Mr. Jones no fucking thank you. I don’t want the Hard Knocks curse around our program. Dak is coming off an awful injury, Zeke is just fat now, and Jaylen Smith is the most buttcheeks linebacker in the NFL.

Let’s not forget that after our appearance in 2008 the boys went 9-7… And that team had Terrell Owens, Tony Romo, Jason Witten, Demarcus Ware, and Adam “Pacman” Jones. THis curse is awful and a travesty to any team who gets near these HBO producers. Why can’t we just be left alone and go about our mediocre season like any other team does. However, I do like being able to blame our shittiness on a television program. So, maybe it’s not ALL bad.

For once I actually agree with Stephen A. The Cowboys until proven otherwise will always remain average and not overcome that mountain until we get new faces in the front office. Mike McCarthy FUCKING LIED IN HIS INTERVIEW. How can we still think that he is, “our guy” fucking ludacris.

Anyways here’s to another season of blue balls. Stay #Advised

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