Breaking: Cry Baby Kyrie’s Season is over

Written by schultzyca

It was going to happen sooner or later I am just shocked that Kyrie actually played 20 games for the Nets. According to the Athletic, Kyrie Irving will undergo season ending on his shoulder.

It isn’t crazy too me that this is not bigger news than it is because Kyrie is a Net and no one cares about them, they are the step-child of New York and always will be. If Irving was a Knick this would be headline news and the narrative would be the ‘Knicks regret saying Kyrie.’ Thats lazy journalism, the Nets knew what they were getting themselves into with Kevin Durant’s ACL injury, Kyrie would try his best to play but if they found themselves having a low seed in the playoffs they would most likely shut him down. The Nets are currently the seventh seeding sitting at 25-28 with twenty-nine games left in the regular season who knows where they will end up but everyone and their mother thinks the Nets have a great supporting cast and time will tell if they do. I personally don’t believe Kyrie regrets ‘leaving’ Boston, but I think he at least acknowledges the fact that the supporting cast in Boston is much better then what he has right now. We will see what lays before the Nets but even with a healthy KD and Kyrie I don’t know if they are the favorites in the Eastern Conference.

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