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BREAKING: Brian Laundrie Purchased A “Burner” Phone The Day He Disappeared; FBI Seizes Video Footage From North Port AT&T Store

Written by Chris Powers

According to recent report by TMZ, the FBI is investigating a North Port, FL AT&T store where Brian Laundrie allegedly purchased a “burner” phone. Authorities seized video footage that show Laundrie acquiring the device.

According to the reporting by TMZ, Laundrie entered the AT&T store on September 14th with an older woman. September 14th happens to be the same day that Laundrie’s parents said that they last saw Brian. According to his parents, he left with a backpack and that he had intended on hiking at a local nature reserve. For the past two weeks, local authorities and rescue groups have been searching the 24,000 acre Carlton Reserve in southwest Florida to try and find Laundrie, but to no avail. Recently, reality TV star Dog the Bounty Hunter has taken part in the search for for Brian. Laundrie is considered a “person of interest” in the homicide of his fiance’, Gabby Petito.

TMZ reached out to the local AT&T store in North Port, FL that Laundrie purchased the phone from. The store employee indicated that they could not confirm nor deny the report. TMZ later contacted AT&T Corporate and received the following statement.

“Thanks for contacting us.  I have to refer you to law enforcement on this one.”

Local law enforcement, just like the North Port, FL AT&T store could not confirm nor deny the report.

Stay tuned as more information becomes available.

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