Breaking: Bobby Wagner Signs With Rams

Bobby Wagner finds a new home in Los Angeles (shitty home if you ask me). He signed a five year, 50 million dollar deal. For a guy who turns 32 this year, I can’t wait for twitter to show me that they still don’t understand NFL contracts in today’s league. The guaranteed money has not been reported yet, so until then we won’t actually know the extent or length of this contract. 

 The Rams are suring up that defense to make another super run, by adding a guy who just doesn’t miss tackles. Rams continue to make moves. I love this mortgage the future kind of mindset that teams have taken on. You can’t think about three or four years down the line because in today’s NFL you are just not guaranteed a job at the same place you’re at now. The Rams put their nuts on the table again and look to become the first repeat Super Bowl champs since the Patriots in 2004 and 2005. They’ll just just have to go through Tom Brady again I’m sure and hope this is enough to get the best of him twice.

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