While on the Bump this morning, Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and the creator of “Billions” on Showtime Brian Koppelman, Becky broke the news that on May 3rd, she will be on the Season 5 premiere of Billions, starring Paul Giamatti and streaming exclusively on Showtime. The hit show has been nominated for a number of awards. Their appearances start at the 73 minute mark:

“Becky Lynch really brought me all the way back in over the last few years. You know, the arrival of somebody who has that much power, charisma, force, integrity in what they do in the ring and the fact that it was a woman who seemed to combine so many aspects of the greatest wrestlers ever and when I see Becky, I don’t think of women’s wrestlers. I think of Dusty Rhodes being a working man, I think of all these different people who found a way to synthesize the character with who they really were and that’s the thing about Becky Lynch. She has that kind of integrity, power, force. She really brought me back.”

Becky had appeared on Koppelman’s podcast last year after she won the main event of WrestleMania, pinning Ronda Rousey to become both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion, or “Becky Two Belts.” That validated the meteoric rise of “The Man”, as opposed to the pure-bred babyface steampunk Irish Lasskicker that fans originally had fallen in love with. Becky was the first ever SmackDown Women’s Champion, has since won it on 3 occasions and had one of the WWE’s defining moments when she invaded Raw right before the 2018 Survivor Series. She is the current Raw Women’s Champion and has been for over a year, close to topping Trish Stratus’ reign for longest women’s championship reign under the WWE banner. To say she is their biggest full-time star would be understating it, as you can see her face down multiple aisles just walking through a grocery store, much less the imprint she’s left on pop culture altogether the last two years. The sudden influx of acting roles she’s about to get will only continue to prove how big of a star she is becoming in a time the company had needed something to stick after years of attempts to elevate failed projects.

There’s no doubt Becky Lynch will continue to captivate audiences. The part she has on Billions and how many episodes it is remains to be seen, but the future only continues to look brighter for “The Man.” You can catch the Season 5 premiere of Billions on Showtime this Sunday.

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