Just announced, Beavis and Butthead are getting a reboot. Two Season worth of Material. Mike Judge jointly announced with Comedy Central, where the reboot will be airing. The network believes that many will of the Gen Z generation can relate to the duo, and are willing to take the risk right now. “It’s time to get stupid again!” the Channel quoted.

Judge went on to create more shows, King of the Hill, Office Space, Silicon Valley. He is stoked to bring the duo into the new generation of problems. So, the first run of the series ended with the movie in 1999, What advancements do we see the duo having? Flat Screens and DVD’s were both in their infancy. Do they have Cell phones? Land lines were all the rage. Are they in their 18th year of college? Are they still “whackin it” in Tom Anderson’s’ Tool Shed? Long after Tom and His Wife are sure dead, no? It will be interesting to see! No word on an Air Date/ Premier, So are you anxious to see the stupid shit the duo will get into this time?