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BREAKING: Antonio Brown Is A Crybaby Bitch And The NFL Needs To Suspend Him Indefinitely @ab84

Written by Chris Powers

Fuck Antonio Brown. Seriously, this guy is a piece of shit that does not deserve to play on an NFL field.

Seriously, how many times does this guy need to fuck up before the NFL holds him accountable for his actions? It blows my mind that Tom Brady and Bruce Arians continue to vouch for this dipshit.

I have no words left about this guy. At some point needs to suspend his crybaby bitch indefinitely. He’s an embarrassment to the game and let’s be realistic folks, once he leaves the NFL odds are he’ll do something stupid that will end up in jail or potentially even worse. Let’s accelerate the process and have him removed from the NFL all together. Hopefully when he calls God, God will send him to voicemail. Or even better, hell.

Check the video out below to see more of his stylist in action.

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