BREAKING: Alex Smith officially retires from NFL at age 36

It’s been quite the journey through the NFL as a quarterback for Alex Smith. Drafted high overall to the San Francisco 49ers making fellow draft class quarterback Aaron Rodgers frustrated he landed in California. Even though he would eventually get traded to the Kansas City Chiefs and be the veteran to a rookie Patrick Mahomes for two years before landing in Washington. Alex Smith posted on his instagram explaining his decision to move on from the game of football and live his healthy life with his beautiful family. We can all remember Alex Smith most recently almost beating Tom Brady in a playoff game the same year Brady won it all. Smith was released from the Washington Football Team this off-season and has been contemplating retirement. We can all remember the game he finally came back from his leg injury and finally played another NFL game after missing a year.

You can see his official statement on his Instagram where everyone’s been showing him endless love and support. We wish the best to Alex Smith post career and hopefully he gets in front of the cameras to talk football.

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