*BREAKING* 6ix9ine Released From Prison | #6ix9ine

Written by Colby Faria

The day is finally here…the King of New York and the King of social media is free. The Controversial Brooklyn-native Rapper, Daniel Hernandez (commonly referred to as 6ix9ine) will be released from prison, later today after spending more then a year in prison.

The rapper was arrested in February, 2019 on nine charges, including racketeering which holds a mandatory minimum sentence of 47-years. However, his willingness to give prosecutors information to help the arrests of some of his former friends that were also involved in the crimes, would see his sentence be reduced from the mandatory 47-year minimum, all the way down to 2-years, which means he would’ve got out of jail in roughly October 2020, since his previous stint in jail before the sentencing, would be included in that 2-year sentence. However, once again, his sentenced would be reduced even further (from October 2020 to April 2020) due to his nagging asthma condition which would put him in danger of being around so many prisoners with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic that’s seemingly taking over the world.

No matter what you think about the man, Daniel Hernandez…the content and music world is a FAR more interesting place, with him in it.

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