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BREAKDOWN: The Truth about Call Her Daddy. Sophia Franklin and Peter Nelson are money hunger, the podcast will live on “See you Fuckers on Wednesday”

Written by schultzyca

If you do not have time to watch the full 34 minute video breaking down everything from Alexandra Cooper perspective I got you covered:

First of lets break it down into five parts; renegotiate of original contract, rooftop talk with Dave Portnoy, Ghosting period, Infamous 2 hour phone call, and lastly Alex negotiates her own individual deal.

Renegotiating Original Contract

So basically this part is pretty simple Alex pretty much confirms Dave said on the Call Her Daddy podcast. Dave was willing to give both Alex and Sophia raises based upon the fact that they exceeded every expectation of the original deal and they set the world on fire basically. Alex also goes on to talk about how Dave really liked the fact that Alex did all of the editing and marketing on her own and that Sophia did not contribute at all in that respect but was uncomfortable to talk about it in person because she really did not do anything in that respect. She goes on to talk about how Sophia brings in her douche of a boyfriend Peter Nelson and he pretty much says that they are not getting the ‘industry standard’ and that they are a laughing stock of the entertainment world because Barstool was taking advantage of them. It was very clear from the beginning that Alex wanted to stay put at Barstool and Sophia wanted to venture off and see what deals were out there. It is also clear that Peter Nelson was in her ear the whole time and he saw a big pay day in front of him. Contract negotiations stopped when Peter started shopping around deals.

Rooftop Talk with Dave

Dave made this ‘rooftop talk’ famous when he went into full detail about it but to catch you up Dave invited the girls over to have a conversation in the early stages of corona to negotiate a contract for the two of them and basically offer them a contract at the end of their talk. Alex says that she did wanted a deal with Barstool and it seemed like Sophia did not want a deal with Dave. His offer to the girls which was confirmed on Alex’s part was 500k, Intellectual property owned by Alex and Sophia, Barstool gets alcohol money, and they get a raise on merch sales. Pretty good deal you would think right? Sophia sure didn’t. It all seems to be Sophia she got money hunger and did not really offer anything besides her personality thats it. Alex said she say the deal as “the world” and wanted to take it immediately. Alex was really excited to get a deal done but the girls left without one and that is where the rift began between the two. Alex said she did not like the deal and basically a very awkward walk back to their houses happened for the girls neither of the two spoke to one another.

Ghost Period

Dave talked about this in the podcast as well basically he did not hear from the girls for like two days or so and was like what the fuck I offered them everything and more and they are ghosting me? Alex said that at the beginning of explaining this ghost period that, “I wanted Call Her Daddy to remain a duo, I wanted Sofia to stay at Barstool, and wanted to do call her daddy with Sofia so badly 50/50” So she was trying to stand in solidarity with her friend and became like a yes women to Sophia just to support her. Sophia felt like they were being shorted by Barstool and that nothing had changed she still was not getting what she wanted so she was going to find a better deal. But in reality Barstool was giving Sophia everything she wanted hitting all of her number in an attempt to appease her. This was all about money for Sophia she did not care about Barstool she really would of like to have been an independent contractor and not associate with the Barstool brand (you should never bite the hand that feeds you). Alex made it clear to their lawyers that she was fine with the deal Dave offered but told them Sophia wanted more and she has to do what she has to do. The lawyers end up saying that they want the girls on the same page because they were so far apart on what they both wanted and they did not want to go to Dave until they could agree on some things.

Infamous 2 hour phone call

After all the back and forth between lawyers Sophia wanted to call Alex and just discuss what was happening because it was ripping the friendship and the brand apart pretty much. Alex & Sophia tried to be civil for the first 30 minutes Sophia wanted to leave, Alex wanted them to stay with Barstool. Alex made it clear that she was no longer entertaining the idea of leaving Barstool she wanted to stay put. Keep in mind this call was on May 6th. Sophia told Alex on this phone call that she went into the rooftop meeting with Dave as more of a courtesy and to let him know that we were leaving so we could take the IP and go do our own things. The IP = Call Her Daddy so if they don’t have the IP CHD does not exist and they would have to go start up a new brand that is why this was important to both girls. Alex had a open mind about the rooftop conversation she wanted to work something out and Sophia was closed off to everything. Sophia then told Alex, “Alex I hate this deal what it comes down to is you don’t want to leave and I don’t want to stay.” It was clear that money was the driving force for Sophia that is what needs to be taken away out of this whole thing. Sophia later goes on to tell Alex, “The IP is the most important thing but it is not as important to me as it is to you, Alex I get that you think the IP is the end all be all but I feel differently about that.”  Again the two girls both value the brand differently.

Sabotaging Period

We have to remember that Sophia has not yet come out with her side of things so that needs to be taken into consideration when hearing this. Sophia was going to take the deal that Dave offered, get fired, have Alex continue to do the hard work, and still try to keep Call Her Daddy as their own Intellectual Property. But when the New York Post article came out leaking the original contract it was to make Barstool look bad and like they were underpaying the girls and it did not include the structure of their bonuses. Alex said there is only five people to have that original contract; Alex, Barstool, their lawyer, Sophia, and Peter Nelson. So if you read in-between the lines who would leak the contract in an attempt to make Barstool look bad? The easy answer is Sophia Franklin and Peter Nelson to try to ruin the deal to force Alex to fish for a new deal from somewhere else. So before they were ready to sign the deal Alex got a call saying that Sophia brought in different agents who were adding crazy things to the contract with a bunch of new points it was the same term sheet that Peter Nelson had the girls originally bring to Dave it shorted the deal to six months instead of a one year contract which is crazy and the girls would still be allowed to keep the IP. Sophia just wanted the IP and to keep asking for outrageous things she always wanted more.

Alex negotiates her own deal

Alex tells Dave when Sophia is doing and goes to his apartment and negotiates her own individual deal without Sophia. Alex all along wanted a deal and she got it done at the end of the video she says. ““I’ll SEE YOU FUCKERS ON WEDNESDAY” She acknowledges that the Daddy brand is bigger than her and Sophia and she wishes that Sophia saw it like that too. We will see what happens with Sophia I am sure she will wind up somewhere else.

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