Braydon Coburn Retires from the NHL

Long-time supporters of the National Hockey League will be disappointed to learn that Braydon Coburn is retiring. That decision follows sixteen seasons within the NHL, which started in 2003 with the Atlanta Thrashers. That career would continue with the Philadelphia Flyers, Tampa Bay Lightnings, Ottawa Senators, and New York Islanders.

Braydon Coburn competed in 983 Regular Season Games and acquired 234 Points, whereby 49 Points were goals & the remainder were assists. The highlight of Coburn’s career was winning the Stanley Cup with Tampa Bay in 2020, months before being transferred to his final franchise, the New York Islanders. Image

When questioned about his decision to retire one season after joining the New York Islanders, Braydon Coburn would stipulate that going into the 2020-21 Season was difficult for him. He knew that age was factoring into his skillsets & that competing with younger athletes was becoming difficult. Coburn believed his body could sustain a 16th season in the National Hockey League but not a 17th. Therefore, Braydon confirmed that his decision was made during the Mid-Season but kept the announcement private for weeks to come. 

Sentiments Towards Braydon Coburn’s Departure

Supporters worldwide have recalled the iconic moments throughout Braydon Coburn’s career. Most have discussed playoff periods throughout his career, including the 2015 Stint that saw the Philadelphia Flyers nearly acquire an NHL Championship. Former teammates have mentioned how Coburn was influential throughout the locker room & would often convince players into continually competing, even if their team was losing. 

NHL fanatics would describe how Braydon Coburn struggled to regain his talents after when he’d been struck in the eye by a deflected puck. Though it wasn’t ever admitted, analysts could notice differences between Coburn’s former approach & his new approach. As age continued to near Braydon, performances dropped considerably. That became evident when Coburn was transferred to the NY Islanders & acquired three assists in one season.  

Will Coburns Departure affect Tampa Bay’s NHL Betting Odds?

Gamblers have questioned if Braydon Coburn leaving the New York Islanders will influence bookmakers & their decision over the Islanders Odds-to-Win. Fortunately, betting lines shouldn’t be impacted because Coburn has performed poorly throughout 2020-21. He’s retained three assists, which is considerably lower than any other season throughout Coburn’s career. That alone could’ve influenced his decision to retire. Regardless, anyone wagering with any licensed online sportsbooks shouldn’t concern themselves with Braydon Coburn’s departure. It’ll have no impact on the New York Islanders as they transition towards new defensemen. 

Who will Replace Braydon Coburn?

There haven’t been official announcements regarding the individual that’ll replace Braydon Coburn. Coaching personnel for the New York Islanders are likely considering options within the NHL 2022 Draft, while those currently contracted to the NY Islanders will fill the void Coburn has left. More information regarding Braydon Coburn’s replacement will be announced between July 7th – July 8th, 2022. 

It’s noted that individuals like Owen Power, Luke Hughes, Brandt Clarke, and Carson Lambos will be likely contenders for the position. But considering these players have top placements within the upcoming draft, NY Islanders will struggle to acquire these athletes. Instead, competitors like Jack Peart and Brent Johnson are more realistic options for the NY Islanders. Regardless of who is selected, Braydon Coburn will be missed throughout NHL History. It’s expected he’ll be inducted into the NHL Hall of Fame within the coming years for his 16 Season tenure.

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