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Brawls Break Out in Kalamazoo, Michigan Between the ‘Proud Boys’ and Counter-Protesters – Click Here to View Video Thread

UPDATE: Samuel J. Robinson, the reporter who was covering the rally/protest that was going on earlier today was arrested by police. The charge that he received was impeding traffic.

Just before the incident happened, there was footage of Robinson identifying himself as a reporter to one of the officers, who took him down to the ground afterwards.

He was released from jail on a $100 bond a few hours later.

There was quite a disturbance going around in downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan just earlier today.

In a video thread on Twitter by the Kalamazoo Gazette reporter Samuel J. Robinson, there were a few brawls going around between two separate groups of protesters. Along with fighting, there were a few videos that were seen with some people getting pepper sprayed and injured as well.

One of the known groups involved in the brawls were a group known as the “Proud Boys,” a controversial ‘hate group’ who are known for spreading white nationalist propaganda.

Just before the madness began, the church was hosting a counter-protest vigil in response to the Proud Boys’ alleged, planned rally.

Robinson added at the end of his thread that there was no police present at the time of counter rallies.

We will add in more information about the fights and the aftermath from them once they become available.

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