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Braves Manager says Phillies crowd isn’t that Hostile

Written by Tony Ghaul

Atlanta Braves Manager Brian Snitker doesn’t think Phillies fans can produce a real hostile environment.

Atlanta Braves Manager Brian Snitker. Photo courtsey of Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Here is his full quote.

“I’ve been in Philly when it’s crazy. When I was a third base coach, every game we played there was nuts.

“These guys are used to it. It’s going to be, I guess, the so-called hostile environment, obviously. But they’re used to it. The last two nights, the last — this whole year has been nuts here. It’s been like playoff baseball pretty much the entire year here.

“And I don’t think it’s anything that they haven’t been exposed to and probably they’ll feed off it like they feed off our fans here in Atlanta.”

He says that it’s been like playoff baseball pretty much the entire year:

Playoff baseball sounds like this. A packed stadium with everyone on their feet waving rally towels:

Brian Snitker just did poked the hornets nest. This city has waited 11 years for playoff baseball. The crowd will be fired up. The stadium will be loud and rocking.

It’s the hottest ticket in town the same weekend the Cowboys are here. Everyone tailgating just added five more beers to their initial intake. Brian Snitker be prepared for what asked for.

Photo courtsey of ELIZABETH ROBERTSON / Staff Photographer-The Philadelphia Inquirer

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