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Brandon Marsh’s greasy hair look during Phillies games

Written by Tony Ghaul

Phillies centerfielder Brandon Marsh resembles a caveman. But even among the league’s furry-faced fixtures, guys like Paul Blackburn, Charlie Blackmon and Luis Guillorme, Marsh stands out. That’s because of his hair.

Marsh doesn’t just have long hair. He has long, greasy hair. Like really greasy. Like just hopped out of a scalding hot shower greasy. It’s a deliberate choice on Marsh’s part, one that has helped endear him to his Philadelphia teammates, as well as the Phillies fans.

Marsh likes the wet look. So much so, that in between every inning, he dumps obscene amounts of water on his head to create that slick, greasy effect.

Phillies CF Brandon Marsh. Photo courtsey of The Sporting News

His crazy hairdo is maintained by the simple dowsing of water and more water. Marsh does not use products and conditioners, preferring the natural look of his wet hair. Marsh isn’t one to clean his hair properly all too often. He told Fox Sports’ Jake Mintz that he only washes his hair once a month.

Marsh’s expressive hairstyle has made him a hit around the locker room. Just ask Phillies backup catcher Garrett Stubbs. “It’s called having some f—ing edge. That guy knows how to find his f—ing edge.”

Brandon Marsh has earned a reputation as one of the league’s great defensive outfielders, but it seems like he is more known for his hair style.

Photo courtsey of The Sporting News

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