Brandon Ingram On Zion Williamson “I’ve never played with a player as talented as me. He’s a generational talent.”

Can’t tell if this quote is a compliment to Zion or a shot at Lebron. Seems like both to be completely honest. Zion had another dominant game last night, 32/6/5 on 13-18 shooting. His sixth 30-point game on 70% or better field goal percentage. Most in Pelicans history.

Look, Ingram clearly is throwing shade at Lebron. Anyone with any common sense knows that Lebron is the most talented player that Brandon Ingram has played with. He is dissing Lebron while giving praise to his all-star teammate. One thing Ingram is for sure correct about, Zion is a generational talent. He just keeps dominating. Zion’s last eight games alone he is averaging 30.1/6/4 on 67.9% shooting. He has scored 30 or more in four of those eight games. Scary thing is that Zion is just getting started. He has only played 54 career games and he’s already putting up insane numbers.

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