Brad Shepard Is Officially Fired

When Brad Shepard reached out to me in January 2019, I noticed that he had this cult following but also cult haters. I thought this was something that I would like and be able to run with.

I also understand that during my diss track on FanSided I said, I’d take Brad Shepard over you anyday, looking back at that, it was a funny line.. I don’t regret saying that, at all. 

Brad and I shared many laughs during his time here at PSE.

But… I’ve also had to deal with tons of craziness that comes with Brad.

  • The amount of emails, tweets, and negativity around the Brad Shepard name is unlike anyone else. It’s almost like a hated wrestler, but this Internet/content business isn’t fake/staged. 
  • Since January 2019 he has posted less than 90 blogs.
  • On certain days he would retweet up to 5 times on the main PSE account.
  • Brad’s most viewed blog while being with PSE is less than 9,000 views, not that views are all that matters, but for a guy who stirs the pot, the clicks should be a little more. To compare it, my top post over that time is around 120K views.
  • Brad blocks everyone who hates him, which I mean… makes sense.. But it’s a tough look when it’s more people than the ones who follow you.
  • Brad started building our PSE wrestling group and it fell apart quicker than the AAF football league. I understand building a team is tough.. But this was craziness. Some of the ‘bloggers’ he brought in seemed fake. No profile pictures, and no blogs ever done by them.
  • He removed his podcast from the PSE network very quickly and continued to have us promote it.
  • No one inside of wrestling seems to like him…. All you see is when a pro wrestler tweets about Brad, is something negative.
  • If you follow PSE you know that we’ve had a couple bloggers leave over the last month. Which happens. Someone, and I’m NOT saying it’s 100% Brad… Started logging into these accounts and making crazy posts. From racist posts to posts saying that we are selling PSE.

I wish Brad nothing but the best.

But this time has been coming for awhile.

Brad will go down in PSE history, he’s unlike many others… But is that a good thing?

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Here is the diss track:

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