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Bow Wow Wants WWE Match, Tag Team With Rey Mysterio? – @smoss @reymysterio

Written by jwatry

We already have Bad Bunny involved with a current WWE story line.

Is Bow Wow next to enter the squared circle?

Well then. That is quite the mission statement and what a way to start the week Monday morning, huh? My first reaction was he needs to stop by the Performance Center in Florida and see what’s up. Second is actually get in the ring to test out your basic skills. Run the ropes, leapfrog, drop down, etc. All that good stuff. Secondly, Bow Wow should talk to his agents and those around him about if this is actually something to pursue.

If it is just a one off, sure. If it is a legitimate attempt to start a second career after music, there is much more to discuss. Google tells me he was born in March 1987, so he is WrestleMania III years old. Young enough to make some noise in a very competitive business but old enough to be wise in future investments. I’d say he also better hurry up on that whole tagging with Rey Mysterio thing. Not only does Mr. 619 already have his son Dominik by his side now…but retirement is creeping up on him too.

Bow Wow does seem to be aware of these potential issues at least.

I say go for it. Good luck sir! Just make sure your promos are better than your social media game…

Like Mike was garbage. Let’s hope his possible WWE stint is much better…

By Justin Watry (TWITTER: @JustinWatry)

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