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Boston Celtics Legend And NBA Hall Of Famer Dies Unexpectedly

Written by Chris Powers

It seems as if 2021 was the worst year for former professional athletes, someone would think that 2022 would hopefully be better. 2021 had a record amount of athlete deaths past and present in the sports world. Whether it’s the NBA, NFL, NHL or MLB, 2021 absolutely caused havoc and on retired professional athletes. Unfortunately, father time struck again, but this time with a former player of the Boston Celtics.

In other Boston Celtics news, Larry Bird recently commented on his first NBA Championship win.

“I played against guys that I thought were really good when I came in the league, and after playing against those guys I’d say, ‘Well, he’s not that good,’” Bird told The Undefeated. “And I think that goes back to the thinking when I was younger and I played at a small high school: I’d score a lot of points, get a lot of rebounds, but you don’t play against anybody.

“Going to Indiana State, it was the same thing. But when I got into the pros, I had thoughts in my head: Can I do this? Once I got in here, I thought it was pretty easy.”

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