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Boone Needs To Go NOW

Written by mharris

This era of Yankee Baseball has been some of the worst baseball I’ve ever seen. ​

Aaron Boone’s tenure with the Yankees has been lack luster to say the least. From all of the injuries due to his poor training staff or the constant benching players when they are hot. It seems as if Boone has zero clue on what baseball is. ​

Boone’s current record is ​269-178 which is a .602 win percentage. Which doesn’t seem awful but with the amount of star power The Yankees have and all of the money it’s very inexcusable. Plus with the constant mediocre playoff appearances. In his 3 playoff appearances Boone has 2 ALDS losses and 1 ALCS loss (which we don’t count since the cheaters knocked us out). 

With all of the disappointing seasons the biggest factor of Boone needing to go has been the constant injuries from​ everyone on the roster especially with the star players like Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Luis Severino just to name a few. It feels like everyday there is a new injury with this team whether they are playing for The Yankees or doing their rehab assignment trying to return to the main roster. Which we just saw an example of that with Luis Severino going down yesterday with a groin injury.

Along with the losing and injuries there has been another big issue with Aaron Boone and that is his constant mismanagement of players and lineups. Boone has an extremely weird tendency to bench players when they get hot and will constantly make weird lineups with players who shouldn’t even be in the big league aka Mike Ford. Boone will also give players days off when they need to be in the lineup so the Yankees can actually win games. He has the tendency to do this a lot with Judge and Stanton ​and it has hurt The Yankees many times. This series with the Phillies alone why is Stanton not in the outfield. He’s too good of a bat to just sit on the bench the entire series and it also will cause Stanton to get cold again and The Yankees cannot afford for that to happen sitting 3rd in the AL East.

Overall, Boone should of been fired yesterday but he’s Cashman’s puppet and probably won’t be going anywhere at least until after the season unless The Yankees make the playoffs. If that happens Yankees fans better close their eyes because Boone will be back. ​

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