Boomer’s Top 25 Week 8

Written by Boomer

25. N.C. State

24. USF

23. Iowa State

22. App State

21. Stanford

20. Utah

19. Wisconsin

18. Penn State

17.  West Virginia

16. Iowa

15. Texas A&M

14. Kentucky

13. Oregon

12. Washington State

11. Washington

10. Clemson

9. Oklahoma

8. Florida

7. Texas

6. Ohio State

5. Georgia

4. LSU

3. Michigan

2. Norte Dame

1. Bama

As this season keeps getting wild and wacky don’t be surprised to have the craziest finish to a college football season we have ever seen.  Alabama looks poised to easily win the title but could slip up as they have in the past.  With OSU losing the Big 10’s odds of making the playoffs took a huge hit.  Pac 12 is completely out and now UCF, if things keep getting crazy, has a chance to make it.  Grab your favorite adult beverage and sit back and watch show happen.  CFB Playoff’s rankings should be out soon to really paint a picture for what they’re thinking again this year.

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