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Boomer’s Top 25 Week 6

Written by Boomer

25. Cincinnati

24. USF

23. Iowa

22. Texas A&M

21. Auburn

20. N.C. State

19. Kentucky

18. Colorado

17. Wisconsin

16. Oklahoma

15. Miami

14. LSU

13. Florida

12. Clemson

11. Texas

10. Oregon

9. UCF

8. Penn State

7. Michigan

6. Washington

5. Notre Dame

4. West Virginia

3. Georgia

2. Ohio State


Looks like there is no stopping Bama this year so everyone else is playing for second place.  That being said early predictions for the playoffs are.  Bama, Ohio State, Notre Dame, West Virginia.  Clemson could go undefeated and so could West Virginia.  Clemson has had too many close calls and hasn’t lived up to their potential so I would put the Big 12 champ or Pac12 if Washington wins out over them.

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