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Boomer’s Mock Draft 3.0: Final Edition

Written by Boomer

This is my opinion on what I think teams should take in their draft positions minus trades, not what I think they will do.  I think the steal of the draft will be Akrum Wadley from Iowa, but he will be in the later rounds watch for him to have a big impact his first year like Kamara.


1. Cleveland Browns- Sam Darnold– Rumors are being spread that Browns like Allen here, which to me is a typical Browns move and will set them back even further if that is even possible.  Allen is a high potential bust pick no matter where you take him in the first round.  Darnold is the savior if they mess this up they should be kicked out of the NFL.

2. New York Giants- Josh Rosen– Giants need a running back, but this draft is loaded with good running backs can get one in the later rounds.  They also need a line but can get that through free agency during offseason.  To build for the future they need Rosen.

3. New York Jets- Josh Allen-Via trade with the Colts- If you read the first mock draft as I said I think the Colts should trade out of this pick which they did.  The only problem for Jets here is getting a bust candidate in Josh Allen.  They are putting lots of pressure on the Giants to take Rosen with the number 2 pick now and if don’t take Rosen they can have him with the deal of the draft.

4. Cleveland Browns- Shaquon Barkley- With him falling to them at number four when thinking about taking him number 1 Browns could make this draft one for the ages getting him and Darnold to solidify their offense for years to come.

5. Denver Broncos- Denzel Ward– With signing Keenum no reason to take a risk here with Baker. First, mockup I had them taking Barkley now with him out they need to replace Talib.  The best cornerback in the draft falls to them but still need help on the other side of the ball.  Look for them to trade out of this pick as well which would be a very smart choice.

6. Indianapolis Colts-Bradley Chubb  -Via trade with the Jets-Their defense is a mess and needs to do a lot to fix it Chubb could be a cornerstone of that. Trading with the Jets and still get their man they would have gotten at 3 and gained tons of picks.  They also could trade again with so many teams in the draft wanting to get up to get their QB.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Derwin James– Is as dynamic as anyone in the draft can make plays from any position on the defensive side of the ball.  Tampa needs help in all kinds of places, but he can fill the gap of many.

8. Chicago Bears- Minkah Fitzpatrick– Bears signed some free agent receivers so say goodbye to drafting Ridley here.  Fitz is the can’t miss prospect in this draft with 8th pick need to take the best player available.

9. San Fransico 49ers- Calvin Ridley– Niners got Sherman via free agency now need to get Jimmy G more weapons and luckily for them, the best WR in the draft has fallen to them seems like a no-brainer to me.

10. Oakland Raiders- Roquan Smith– Raiders have had a void at the MLB position for a long time and can finally fill it for the future.  This is a must pick for them and can’t see them going any other way.

11. Miami Dolphins- Baker Mayfield– Build for the future on this pick, Tannehill is one probably his last year Miami will give him and let Baker build behind him for a year since he isn’t ready to play right away.

12. Buffalo Bills-James Washington  – Via trade with the Bengals-They were hoping to be able to get a QB here the problem is Lamar Jackson is not a fit for them when they wanted out of Tyrod the past two season.  The only thing they can do is trade up with the Giants to get a QB now so they will settle for a playmaker at receiver.

13. Washington Redskins- Courtland Sutton– The Skins traded for Alex Smith this offseason so bye bye Kirk one thing they were missing last year was WR play and Sutton can help fill the gap.  I also think they need an RB, but there isn’t anyone good enough I think to draft this high.

14. Green Bay Packers- Christian Kirk– Green Bay has some flashes of the young RB’s last year while Rodgers was out.  Rodgers needs some help outside drafting the speedy Kirk is a must.

15. Arizona Cardinals- Lamar Jackson- Now in full desperation mode at QB signing Bradford is not a long time fix, get Lamar here let Bradford show him how to be a professional and hope he pans out to be as exciting in the NFL as he was in college.

16. Baltimore Ravens- Quenton Nelson– The best lineman in the draft and first one off the board.  Baltimore needs to protect Flacco this year and hope he can get back to making plays to be contenders again.

17. Los Angeles Chargers- Mike McGlinchey– Chargers came on strong at the end of the year and Rivers is getting old protect him as much as you can.  Without Rivers, their season is done keep him protected and have a chance to win the west this year.

18. Seattle Seahawks- Tremaine Edmunds– With the departure of Bennett this offseason it is a gap that needs to be filled.  They could also go line or CB at this position, the best fit is a pass rusher.

19. Dallas Cowboys- Marcus Davenport- Randy Gregory will probably never make it back into the NFL, therefore, Cowboys need to get more edge rushers and Davenport is a rising prospect perfect for them.

20. Detroit Lions- Derrius Guice– Lions haven’t had a good running game in years, maybe cause always trailing and Stafford throwing.  Guice can be a home run or a bust not sure of his talent yet.  Risky move but at this spot worth the pick.

21. Cincinnati Bengals- Rashaan Evans  -Via trade with the Bills- With probably the departure of Burfict and he is suspended for PEDs it’s time to fill that gap with a great tackler from Alabama won’t miss a beat with him in there.

22. Buffalo Bills- James Daniels– With a not so certain future at QB, for now, build to protect whoever going to have in there either through free agency or get someone who makes a splash in the later rounds.

23. New England Patriots-trade for Cooks from Rams- Josh Jackson- Best cornerback left in the draft and the need of everyone wanting a QB he falls way too far in the draft to the always lucky Patriots.  Good fit for both and chance to make a huge impact right away.

24. Carolina Panthers- Vita Vea– Is a centerpiece for this defense that can keep the lineman off of Kuechly and Davis and really open them up for easy tackles.



25. Tennessee Titans- Billy Price– Get Marcus a good center and protection with hopefully a new offense could make for a big year in the south even though it’s starting to become a tougher conference then it has been in years.

26. Atlanta Falcons- Isaiah Wynn– Falcons need to keep Ryan protected in the pocket since he isn’t good at avoiding a rush.  Wynn here makes sense for them and him.

27. New Orleans Saints- Hayden Hurst– Had a good combine and with Saints missing out on a Graham reunion time to get a fast young TE to help Brees before retirement and make the offense explosive and unstoppable.

28. Pittsburgh Steelers- Malik Jefferson– Shazier isn’t coming back next year if ever so time to move on and try and fill a big gap after he went down.  Steelers offense is as good as it gets so fixing some defensive holes is a major part of this draft.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars- DJ Moore- Great playmaker after the catch and had a very successful 2017 season with four different QBs. He didn’t have a good QB in college and was still making plays so things won’t change too much in QB category in the NFL.

30. Minnesota Vikings- Will Hernandez- I had them taking Brown here who was a falling prospect after his horrible combine.  Vikes need to protect Kirk this season and this should be the right pick for the job.  Orlando Brown was once a top ten pick and now might fall out of the first two rounds.

31. New England Patriots- Da’Ron Payne- Second get on defense for the Patriots in the first round which is a must do after allowing so many points in the SuperBowl.  I could see Patriots trading both these picks to move up and get someone else they want but if stay put these two picks work out great for them.

32. Philadelphia Eagles- Mike Hughes– Eagles have been really busy this offseason have added a cornerback, but still might be a good fit for them.  The only other position I can see worth it for them is a WR, but none good enough to take in the first round.


Should be one of the most interesting drafts in a long time with all kinds of trades.  I always look forward to the draft and this year I have seen more interest from people than most years.  Time to grab your beers and get locked in for the draft this Thursday.

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