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Booking Sasha Banks and Bayley’s Program Going Forward

Sasha Banks has been in the news today after being prominently featured in the Mandalorian Season Two trailer, rumored to be either Sabine Wren or a Jedi. Sasha Banks, the least pushed of WWEs Four Horsewomen, a group consisting of Banks, the greatest female wrestler of all-time, Becky Lynch, daughter of Ric Flair Charlotte and current SD Women’s Champion Bayley. The four have been WWEs focal point of the Women’s Evolution.

Bayley and Sasha, the first ever and 2x Women’s Tag Team Champions, have been the MVPs of the pandemic era at a time for WWEs uncertainty, but the best friends were arguably even better opponents, as it was their match at NXT Takeover Brooklyn in 2015 that first got eyes on the women in a major and is considered by many to be the greatest women’s match of all-time.

They had another classic in an ironwoman match before teaming years later, as both faces (Boss and Hug Connection) and heels (The Golden Role Models). Two weeks ago on SmackDown, Bayley viciously turned on Banks and injured her.

Booking this program, which could be the biggest main roster program outside of Becky/Charlotte for the women, seems rather simple. Unfortunately, that also means WWE isn’t going to go that route. Here’s how I’d book it:

Sasha Banks has been advertised for this weeks SmackDown. This makes sense, considering they’re going to want to capitalize on the Mandalorian hype. If I had the book, I would’ve kept her off of television until the Royal Rumble, but obviously that won’t be the case now. I’d have Sasha Banks come out, ask for an explanation (which Bayley still hasn’t given) and Bayley antagonize Sasha’s injuries. Bayley retains against NIkki Cross at Clash of Champions and Banks attacks her with a chair after the match. This sets up Hell in a Cell, a match Banks lost last year to Becky Lynch in, Bayley vs Sasha Banks inside of the cell.

I’d have Bayley win, dominantly, with Sasha showing she isn’t healthy. I’d have it be so brutal that in kayfabe you wonder if Banks will ever wrestle again, and then I’d move her to commentary. She’s been great on commentary in guest spots and you can allow her to cut promos on Bayley every week without taking time. Every week, Bayley can be extremely condescending to Banks, mock her injuries, until she tries commentary at the Royal Rumble. During the women’s match when she’s expecting who her opponent may be for WrestleMania, number thirty ends up being Sasha Banks. Sasha wins, becoming the third Horsewoman to win the Rumble in as many years, and we get a Bayley/Banks face off. From there, you have an easy ride to WrestleMania, where they main event and Sasha Banks has her crowning moment.

Sasha Banks can have a long run as SmackDown Women’s Champion, finally having a credible championship reign for the first time since her days in NXT. You could theoretically book two to three more months out of Banks and Bayley, into Extreme Rules where they end their blood feud in a stipulation such as a ladder match. What are you thoughts? Would you like to see WWE stretch this out into WrestleMania? What about it main eventing? Tweet me your thoughts: @TheJameus.

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