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Body of 17-Year-Old Autistic U.P. Boy, Cam Besonen, Found

Written by Nate

We have some very sad news to post as the body of 17-year-old western U.P. boy, Cam Besonen, has been found.

According to a post by WLUC TV 6, Cam’s family was notified late Monday afternoon by teams that were out battling wintry conditions and in their efforts to locate him.

Cam’s mother, Jill Keeley-Besonen, wrote this announcement on Facebook shortly after getting the news:

Prior to the discovery of his body, Cam Besonen was reported missing over the weekend. He had been diagnosed with severe autism, had no sense of direction and was nonverbal.

Between 400 to 500 volunteers assisted on the search. Such teams that took part included authorities from the Michigan State Police, Ontonagon County Sheriff’s Department, U.S. Coast Guard, and fellow state, local, tribal, and federal agencies.

Fellow residents and local businesses in the surrounding areas have also reached out for support in the prior search-and-rescue mission.

“Our community mourns the loss of this young man,” said Ontonagon County Sheriff Dale Rantala via TV6. “Rescuers had been committed to finding him and worked tirelessly throughout the operation. Something like this is truly heartbreaking.”

From all of us here at PSE, our thoughts and prayers go out to the Besonen family at this time.

Feel free to read our original story regarding Cam Besonen by clicking on the link down here.

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