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Bobby Petrino’s Former Alleged “Mistress” Is Smoking Hot; Massage Therapist Giving “Happy Endings” To Ohio State Football Team?

Written by Chris Powers

Bobby Petrino is currently the head coach of the Missouri State football program. Prior to that, Petrino was the head coach for the University of Louisville, Arkansas University, Western Kentucky University and even the Atlanta Falcons. Petrino is one of the more well known college football coaches, but not just for his win/loss record.

n April 2012, Petrino was involved in a motorcycle crash on Arkansas Highway 16 near the city of Crosses. He was riding with former Arkansas All-SEC volleyball player Jessica Dorrell, whom he had hired on March 28 as student-athlete development coordinator for the football program after she served as a fundraiser in the Razorback Foundation. Petrino initially said he was alone on the motorcycle. However, on April 6, just minutes before a police report was to be released showing Dorrell was also aboard, Petrino admitted that Dorrell was not only a passenger, but that he had been conducting an adulterous relationship with her. Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long placed Petrino on an indefinite paid leave of absence while he reviewed the situation.

This article is not about Jessica Dorrell though as you might assume. But it also came to light shortly thereafter that Petrino was allegedly having another affair with Alison Melder, an accomplished bikini model. Apparently the two exchanged hundreds of text messages for an extended period. Melder’s attorney claimed that her and Petrino had never even been alone together. Whether she was a mistress of Petrino’s or not, one thing is for certain. She is definitely smoking hot.

In other college football news, Ohio State University has apparently permanently banned an independent massage therapist — and the State of Ohio Medical Board has permanently revoked her license. The massage therapist was allegedly engaging in “inappropriate and exploitative behavior” while targeting members of the football team. The university served her with a cease and desist order and she is no longer allowed on campus or anywhere where students reside. The massage therapist would allegedly engage with member of the university’s football team and offer them free massages and then attempt to engage them in sexual activity. A representative of the university commented on the situation below:

“Our first concern and top priority is for the safety and well-being of our student-athletes,” Ohio State University said in a statement. “Within days of learning of these allegations, the university quickly launched an independent investigation of the matter. An experienced legal and compliance resource, Barnes & Thornburg, led the independent investigation, and has completed its work. Barnes & Thornburg found that no university or athletic department staff had knowledge of the massage therapist’s activities. Her actions were part of a scheme to exploit football student-athletes and were in violation of her state license.”

For more information on this developing story, watch the video below.

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