Bobby Green Defeats Clay Guida via – Decision @clayguida @BobbyKGreen #UFConESPN11 #UFCVegas3

Written by Tyler Allen

Round 1 – Clay Guida opens up with a hell of a takedown early in round one. Guida continued to dominate from the top for most of the round.

Round 2 – Began standing, them exchanging blows, including a noteworthy front kick that connected from Bobby Green. Any time Guida would go for the takedown, Green would hold him up and connect with knee strikes. Green is definitely keeping it on the feet and doing all he can from being taken down. Bobby Green’s hands are low, anticipating Guida to come with some hits, because he knows he can headbob his way out of it. Guida’s takedown attempts are 5 for 7 at this point. Guida trys and achieve the takedown to close out the round. I would give this round to Green, He kept it on his feet, and withstood many takedown attempts.

Round 3 – Bobby Green opens with his hands low. A minute in, Clay Guida goes for and gets the takedown against the cage. Green does an impressive spin move to get to the center of the octagon and fight resumes standing. Halfway through- Guida goes for and gets another take down, Green tries to spin out like he did earlier and fails. Guida has Green against the cage until 30 seconds left in the round. Guida shoots again, but Green is able to withstand again. – Round to Green, fight to green, but damn its close

2 29-28 and a 30-28 to Bobby Green.

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