Blues win Cup, I was wrong

They Bruins fucked it! They had home ice and blew 3 of the 4 times this series. They looked uninspired and lacked urgency until the 3 period. I was wrong, the first blog i ever did here at Pro Sports Extra I said the Bruins would win the cup in 6 over the Blues or Sharks at the time and the B’s were fresh off of a sweep of the upstart Hurricanes.

It could have been because of Gloria, maybe it was because of the sweet sick little girl, perhaps it was being in last place January 3rd but whatever the case the Blues just wanted it more. Hollywood couldn’t script it better. The beat a popular pick to win the cup in the first round against Winnipeg. The Second round saw them beat the Stars thanks to hometown hero Pat Maroon in double overtime no less. Then they over came horrendous officiating against the Sharks in the Western conference finals.

That brought them against the Bruins in the cup finals. They went down one game to none. Didn’t stop them. Went down 2-1. Didn’t stop them. Blew a chance to win their first cup at home. Didn’t stop them. They came into a game 7, where outside of St.Louis they weren’t given much of a chance. Didn’t stop them. The Blues fought against the brink three times this season between being in last place late into the season, beating the Stars in double OT and playing a notorious hockey team and town in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Congrats to the Blues and St. Louis they’ve waited a long time for this. It sucks it was against my team but the Bruins have a chance to be back next season. I said it my first blog the B’s would win in 6, I was wrong. It stinks and it sucks to see your team get this far just to lose, I honestly would have rather us lose in round 2 against the Blue Jackets then this. Enough about me and the B’s, the best and hottest time won the Cup tonight and good for them. Congratulations again St. Louis. 

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