Blue Jays Pitcher Yells at Teammate Mid-Game on the Field

Written by Nick30muench

Ross Stripling, pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays, was furious that his teammate missed a ground ball. Joe Panik was running in fielded the ball barehanded, and overthrew first base. It’s a pretty tough play, but a good throw definitely beats the runner.

This is really inexcusable. Every player makes an error, just like every pitcher gives up runs, just like every hitter strikes out. Is Joe Panik then allowed to yell at the pitcher when he gives up a home-run? It’s a very unprofessional look, however, I will give Ross Stripling credit, as he took to Twitter to say this:

I do hate that this even happened in the first place though, because he did that on national television then apologizes in private to where no one sees or hears it. You’re taught at every level that no matter how bad a play he makes, you never show up a teammate, because ultimately, you’re both trying to accomplish the same goal.

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