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Blue Jackets Stink it up in Minnesota

Written by iamthunder

Welp..that was a quick change of pace. After getting off the schneid on Monday, getting a much needed win against the Ottawa Senators, the Columbus Blue Jackets went into their Tuesday night game against the Minnesota Wild and STUNK UP THE WHOLE BUILDING!!

Normally when I write about the Jackets, I usually give a breakdown of the game. Basic things like who scored and when, key plays and moments, etc. I won’t be doing that today, because I will be taking the time to criticize the shit out of them.

I will start off by saying that the Jackets are an injury riddled team. This is just me venting some of the frustrations I’ve had with the team lately, even though it is just a bunch of rookies that didn’t expect to play in the NHL this season, that make up half the team now.

First off, PLAY SOME DEFENSE!! You have your SECOND rookie goaltender in the crease, and the poor guy has no help. He had to protect 30+ shots in the first two periods alone!! The Wild were literally on pace for more than 60 shots on goal for the game. When you are an aggressive, defensive minded team, there’s no reason why you should score four goals, and lose the game.

Staying on the defensive side of the team, two of the goals by the Wild went off of Blue Jacket defenders. I guess this technically isn’t really anybody’s fault, but it’s just one of those frustrating things that make you scratch your head and just…

Just not sure how the fuck to feel about them at this point.

On offense, can we please be a little more aggressive with taking shots? The Wild only had one player the whole game that didn’t have a shot on goal. Jackets had four.

It has been stressed for the past couple of weeks throughout the organization that guys need to start taking more shots. I would agree with that when a defenseman lead the team in that category last night.

With that being said, four goals when your best scorer on the team is hurt is pretty good. I’m going to stop the complaining about the offense now. Actually, I’m just going to wrap up the whole thing.

The final score was 5-4. The Wild sucked less than the Jackets and that’s why they won. I’m pissed. Everyone is pissed. This is the end of the blog. I’m going to go drink a tallboy peach twisted tea now and pretend I’m somewhere other than sad, cold, Ohio.

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