Blue Jackets Sign CSKA Moscow Foward Mikhail Grigorenko to a One Year Deal

Written by iamthunder

Early Monday afternoon, during a freaking pandemic, the Blue Jackets were still going to work, signing one of the KHL’s best forwards, Mikhail Grigorenko to a one year, 1.2 million dollar contract for the 2020-2021 season.

This signing is a low risk, high reward signing. The Jackets have had a lot of struggles this season with their forwards, seemingly having no one that can score, especially at the bottom of their lineup.

On a one year for basically nothing contract for a guy who has NHL experience, this deal won’t hurt the Jackets at all. He’s been playing on one of the two best teams in the KHL the past three seasons, and at a high level, averaging just under a point per game.

I’ve been very high on Liam Foudy making the teams roster next season, but if he doesn’t this guy will be the next best option. The guy’s a sniper, is a great passer, and has great stick handling ability. There is a good chance he will be our best bet to get shootout goals, if need be.

The only thing that worries me about Grigorenko, is although he has NHL experience, he hasn’t been even good enough to be a second line forward, I’d say third line at best.

Thankfully for the Jackets, that’s where they need the most help. One of their biggest problems last season was having guys from the AHL, SweHL, and even the OHL, in their lineup last season because of injuries, and having no depth on the team.

I know I’ve been kind of dragging this out so I will end it with this: This is a good signing for the Jackets. Adding depth to the bottom of their lineup, which will be great to see when this team is back in full health next season.

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