A bloody brawl broke out in the lower bowl of the Canada Life Centre on Tuesday during a game between the Winnipeg Jets and the Colorado Avalanche.

According to one spectator, tensions escalated when security tried to escort two Avalanche supporters — who were said to be inebriated — out of their seats at intermission and the fans allegedly attacked arena workers. That’s when a Jets fan tried to help security and got thrown down the stairs in front of a witness, who posted a photo of the apparent aftermath that featured a bloodied towel on the ground and blood-spattered boards.

As players from both teams were getting set for the start of the third period, some ruckus broke out in the stands when two unruly, presumably drunk Avs fans began tussling with a couple of security guards. According to CBC, the 34-year-old male from Winnipeg and 28-year-old female the The Pas were uncooperative and began assaulting the two security guards—a 50-year-old female and a 36-year-old male.

A male Avalanche fan and smashed his head on the edge of the boards, causing him to bleed rather profusely. Fans called for towels as players and officials on the ice watched it all unfold. Police arrived on the scene moments later and arrested the Avalanche fans, but not before the female fan spit on one of the peace officer, forcing the police to use a spit mask on her.

Both fans were eventually taken away in handcuffs and were charged with assault and resisting a peace officer, while the female received an additional charge of assaulting a peace officer.

A bloody brawl broke out in the lower bowl of a game between the Winnipeg Jets and the Colorado Avalanche at Canada Life Centre on Nov. 29, 2022. Photo courtsey of Twitter/@Jeremy_W99


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