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Bloodsport Announces its Main Event

Written by Jameus Mooney

“The Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson is one of 2020s biggest breakout stars for Independent Wrestling, after years on the circuit. A master in mixed martial arts, he’s one of the hardest hitting wrestlers you’ll find and has made major strides, working with any and everybody as of late. He started gaining a lot of traction right after the pandemic began with the Acid Cup and his match against Allie Kat and he hasn’t let down since. His opponent? AEW World Champion Jon Moxley.

This is easily Dickinson’s biggest booking to date, as Mox is the current AEW World Champion and a former WWE Champion. Jon Moxley is one of the biggest pro wrestling stars of this generation. Last year, Moxley was supposed to work Josh Barnett at Bloodsport but was replaced by Dickinson. It is unclear as to why that isn’t the match this year.

Dickinson took to Twitter to respond:

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