Blame Draymond Green For That Loss, Not The Refs!

Draymond Green was the reason the Warriors lost last night. Not the referees. Not the Charlotte Hornets.

This one falls on Draymond and guess what? According to post-game interactions, he admitted it. That one was on him.

For those not aware, the Warriors were up by two points late in the fourth quarter when this happened…


Okay, probably not the best call by the refs. I think most of us can agree on that. Not the best call. Still, look at the situation. Warriors are up by two points and in a position to win. Considering their record and right on the brink of even making the playoffs, every game matters. Every single win and loss. Even in mid-February, these game matters to Golden State. Again, look at the situation. Alright, bad call aside, Warriors are still up by two points and Hornets have the ball. Cool.

Not so cool.

Because Draymond Green is Draymond Green (often times intense and often times a clown), he freaks out and starts going off. His usual antics and crap that he is known for. Look at his track record. Look at his technicals and look at his infamous NBA Finals suspension. You would think a guy would learn after years and years of the same thing happening. Nope, not Draymond. His post-game rants off the court are just as ridiculous as his temper tantrums on the court.

Still yapping, he gets not just one technical foul but a second. Boom, ejection. Two free throws for Charlotte tie up the game. Just devastating. A huge shift in the game. Not because of a bad ref call. No, it was what happened after that: Draymond causing a scene. Alright, whatever, tie game. Charlotte surely wouldn’t pull this off, right? The NBA Gods were in charge of the outcome now…

…and game over.

Unbelievable. All the credit in the world for that shot. A great buzzer beater. A big time victory. Terry Rozier caps off a stellar game with a dagger to win at the buzzer. Draymond reportedly said this game was on him, Warriors coach Steve Kerr said he crossed a line…and his teammates are standing by his side. I’m sure they are. He is THAT intense and THAT important on the defensive side of the ball. At the same time, those technicals have to get pretty annoying. Whether in mid-February fighting for a playoff spot or in the NBA Finals blowing a 3-1 series lead, eventually losing in Game 7.

Let’s not do that again.

By Justin Watry (TWITTER: @JustinWatry) 

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