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Blackrocks Brewery is Expanding its Location

Written by Nate

According to a story by WLUC TV6, Blackrocks Brewery has announced on Facebook that they are expanding their location.

Blackrocks said in their post that they have bought the building right next door to the existing pub’s location on 420 N. Third Street in Marquette.

Blackrocks Brewery (left) with their purchased building next door as captured from their Facebook post. Photo Courtesy: WNMU-FM

The brewery is in their early stages of the expansion and the product will take time to finish, but they will continue to provide a good exploration and brainstorm session over their selection of beers.

Blackrocks, whom continues to serve draft beers on tap and issue canned beers to Michigan and Wisconsin since winter 2010, said they’re hopeful the new building will help broaden the customer experience.

“We look forward to a little extra space for everyone to enjoy while keeping the vibe and experience you would expect from Blackrocks,” the brewery said in their post.

You can find Blackrocks Brewery’s announcement post by clicking here.

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