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Black Man Attacks Another Man From Behind With a Brick (Video)

You might call this is as another ‘Calling Out Racism’ segment. We’ll leave it up to you to be the judge on that.

In a tweet posted by political blogger Matt Walsh, it shows a video of a black man sneaking up from behind and attacking an innocent man in the head with a brick.

The man attacked was left unconscious after the hit. His condition is unknown at this time.

The comment section in the post has pointed that the person who uploaded this clip is @traysavage_ on Instagram. It is rumored that the name of the person who hit the man was Deontray Trayvon Bennet, of Baltimore.

Before the clip got deleted on Instagram, the clip was captioned as ‘White Lives Don’t Matter.’

Walsh is uncertain if the guy posted was the one who carried out the assault or if he just taped/found the video himself. Just a disgusting act either way.

Hope that man with the brick gets reported and turned in for at least assault and battery in this clip. Just awful what the victim had encountered.

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