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Black Label Pro Announces Empty Arena Show For March 28th

Written by Jameus Mooney

One of the biggest fears in wrestling right now amidst the global pandemic of COVID-19 is how a lot of Independent Wrestlers, a lot of which don’t make a lot of money as is, will be able to make their cash. Never fear, Black Label Pro is one of the premiere promotions on the scene right and their promoter is putting together a show for March 28th, streaming live on IWTV, in front of an empty arena to get talent a payday.

While a lot of fans are looking ahead to WrestleMania week to see how everything shakes out, BLP included with Threat Level Midnight being one of the most hyped non-WWE affiliated tickets, the promotion has now set its sights on just getting wrestlers a payday. Mike Blanton, their promoter, has a way for fans of the wrestlers to help fund the program and pay the wrestlers.

Their Indiegogo website is looking for $5,000 in just under 2 weeks, citing that “many wrestlers were left without anything due to the fallout of COVID-19….For some of these athletes, this could be the difference of eating vs not eating. We just want to take care of these wrestlers.”

Members of the press such as Sean Ross Sapp were tagged in the tweet, but also wrestlers such as IWTV Champion ‘Warhorse’ Jake Parnell, his Threat Level Midnight adversary Shazza McKenzie, Jake Something, Danhausen, Erick Stevens, among others.

This is a big deal seeing as promotions such as WWE and AEW have venues they own that they can run (Performance for former and Daily’s Place for latter), but the Independent Scene is left stranded with very little means to work with, and the lack of shows could be detrimental to promotors, the wrestlers and the scene, thus also the future of the larger promotions such as the 2 aforementioned promotions, New Japan and ROH.

PSE will have more on the story as more becomes available. If you want to support Independent wrestlers in other ways, a plethora of PWTee stores where you can buy T-Shirts. Wrestlers like G Raver do shirt requests through Twitter DMs. Wrestlers such as Debbie Keitel of OTT have their own sites with their own merchandise. Many use Teepublic. If there’s a specific wrestler you want to support during a time they have little-to-no-income, feel free to look to see if they have merchandise. IWTV, a streaming platform that has deals with many promotions, is well worth the money if you’re a big fan of the scene.

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