Bitch Boy Roger Goodell Decides To NOT Release Emails From The Washington Football Team Investigation

Now, this seems like one giant smokescreen. How can they decide to release Gruden’s emails but not Dan Snyder’s? This really seems as if Goodell has made a business decision and that will allow Snyder to remain owner of the team. None of what is happening with this investigation makes any sense. It’s as if the league knows that the Washington Football Team fucked up, but they just don’t see it being a threat. But Gruden was… and it wasn’t because of him being homophobic and misogynistic, it’s because he came at Goodell.

Calling Goodell a “football hating pussy” was probably the last straw. LEt’s not forget that the topless photos of cheerleaders found in Gruden’s email were from Bruce Allen who spent a solid chunk of time with the football team. Just doesn’t really add up at all. If we are going to be going out and holding people accountable for their decisions then that needs to be kept very transparent. Not because Seagent Big Bitch got mad that he was called a pussy. Grow the fuck up Roger, you’re a glorified fucking goldfish and everything you are is what I hate most about society. A no back bone having ass pussy who wears his feelings all over the place.

Fuck you Goodell, and fuck everything you stand for.

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