Bird Shit ≠ Blow

I smell collusion. Or wait… What do I smell?

Shai Werts, a quarterback for Georgia Southern University, was initially charged for a misdemeanor cocaine possession charge while being pulled over for speeding. But after that, the 21-year-old was arguing with some police officers over a white substance that was found on his vehicle. The white substance, according to officers, had tested positive for cocaine, when in all due reality, it was really bird shit. Werts was suspended from the team from his arrest but returned Sunday back to practice.

The deputy solicitor for Saluda County, Georgia, Al Eargle, claimed that the white substance could not be proven as crack. Tests revealed that no controlled substance was present on the vehicle. The initial test report said the white substance that was collected from the vehicle tested positive in two separate tests. While looking at the dash cam footage from the incident, Werts could be found trying to reason with the officers saying the white stuff was bird shit.

Deputy: “All right man. I don’t know what you got going on in your life or whatever. But that’s a field test kit. It’s distributed to us by the state–“
Werts: “Sir…”
Deputy: “If it turns pink or blue it means it’s positive for cocaine It doesn’t just turn–“
Werts: “It’s bird (bleep).”
Deputy: “It’s not bird (bleep)”
Werts: “I swear to God.”
Deputy: “It looks nothing like bird poop man. We know what bird poop looks like.”

Later on, officers claimed that couldn’t be true unless the bird inhaled cocaine.

Really, dude…


Georgia Southern is a member of the Sun Belt (or as I call it, the Fun Belt 🙂 ) Conference, where the Eagles finished at 10-3 in 2018. The redshirt junior was an All-Sun Belt 2nd Team Selection, racking up 25 total touchdowns. Werts is expected to lead the Eagles once again this season, as he and the Eagles hope to replicate last season’s success as they open up the season in Baton Rouge against the mighty LSU Tigers. 

I feel for the kid. Special thanks to FOX 5 in Atlanta for the report.

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