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BioWare’s Anthem Is Down To a Rock Bottom Price, But Is It Worth It?

Written by Robert Workman

Earlier this year, BioWare and Electronic Arts released the ambitious sci-fi adventure Anthem. But since its arrival, it’s pretty much lost a great deal of its momentum behind other releases, such as Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. But now retailers are offering the game at a rather unbeatable price, leaving us wondering…is it worth it for when the game rediscovers its momentum?

Both Amazon and Best Buy are offering the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Anthem for just $15. You can buy the Xbox One versions here on Amazon and here on Best Buy; and the PlayStation 4 version on Amazon and on Best Buy here. What’s more, this is for the special Legion of Dawn edition of the game, with the special Steelbook case and pre-order goods.

Now, Anthem does offer an ambitious open world to explore, as well as missions that you can take on either on your own or with your friends through an inter-connected online world. And it does have some beautiful visuals, as well as gameplay with both on-the-ground and in-air combat. But…then there’s the other thing. And that’s the game not really having seen that many updates since its release earlier this year. Last month, during E3, BioWare did note that the game would see future updates, but didn’t elaborate just what we would see yet. And that leaves a certain doubt over what could be coming.

Still, for $15, for some, that might be worth the gamble. And you DO get a spiffy Steelbook case for your collection, along with some pre-order extras. And there are worse things to spend $15 on, like a bad burrito dinner or a 4K copy of 2015’s Fantastic Four (YUCK). It’s really your choice. But the game’s available for cheap if you want to go after it.

And we’ve seen games bounce back from EA in the past. Remember when Star Wars Battlefront II launched and had all that loot box controversy, and then DICE supported it with a ton of content? Granted, Anthem is a completely different ballgame, but anything is possible.

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