Buffalo Bills Star QB Josh Allen revealed that a shoulder injury affected his play this season.

Allen says he couldn’t throw the football the way he wanted due to the impact of the injury, as per ESPN.

The shoulder injury occurred during a week 6 game against the New York Giants. Allen that the pain affected his normal throwing mechanics.

The Bills season ended in a home playoff loss in the AFC Divisional Playoff Round to the Kansas City Chiefs. They have lost three of the last four years in the AFC Divisional Round or Championship matchup to the Chiefs.

Allen finished the regular season with 4,306 passing yards. He threw 29 touchdown passes and 18 interceptions, while rushing for 524 yards and 15 touchdowns.

Josh Allen is a talented QB. One of the best in the NFL, but he and the Bills need to find a way to get past the Chiefs. Their Super Bowl window maybe closing.

Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen (17). Photo courtesy of AP Photo/Adrian Kraus


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