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Bills Get Good News Regarding Damar Hamlin

Written by Tony Ghaul

Buffalo Bills GM Brandon Beane announced that Damar Hamlin has been “fully cleared” to resume football activities, as per ESPN.

This is incredible news given everything Hamlin went through. It’s unclear if Hamlin will immediately return to the Bills and start practicing. He is cleared to do so if he chooses.

Hamlin has made remarkable progress since suffering cardiac arrest on the field in Cincinnati in January.

Hamlin recently told President Biden that he believes he will be able to play football again. It turns out that he was right.

When Damar Hamlin returns to the field, he will certainly receive a loud ovation. After battling for his life, the Bills defensive back may still have a promising football career ahead of him.

The 24 year-old Hamlin took part in a pregame ceremony in which the NFL honored the Bills and Bengals training and medical staffs and first responders who treated him.

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin. Photo courtsey of AP News

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