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Bills Broadcast Accidentally Shows Undressed Player In Background During Josh Allen Update

Written by TrevStone

I’ll never understand why interviews take place in a room here people change. And here we are again with another example.

Recently during a Buffalo Bills broadcast they were interviewing a player about Josh Allen and then out of nowhere in the background you can see a player bent over naked.


I’ll never understand how the camera person can’t see in the background that someone is naked. But it makes for interested stories like this one. Imagine how this player feels knowing his booty was shown all over the Internet?

I wonder what player that was in the back? Because they’re interviewing Gabe Davis here. But no one is focused on that. All off Twitter is wondering who.

Josh Allen has been the topic of discussion as he was injured in the final minutes of the 20-17 loss to New York Jets this passed Sunday. Allen hasn’t missed a game since 2018 and if he cannot go, then it’s all on Case Keenum. Keenum last saw action in seven games last year with Cleveland and went 2-0 in starts.

This would obviously be a huge loss for Allen if he isn’t able to go. They’ll be playing Minnesota this Sunday at 1pm eastern.

Hoping for a speedy recovery. From Josh Allen and also the booty cheeks guy.

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