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Bill Walton Calling a Baseball Game is Exactly What the MLB Needs

Last night Bill Walton was brought on to call the White Sox at Angels game in Anaheim on the NBC Chicago broadcast and it was exactly what you would expect.

Bill started in the pregame show by saying how he would hit a high and tight fastball “out through the universe, like a radio wave, that goes past Saturn, and Jupiter, Pluto, through the black hole, and into many other galaxies yet to be named”.

Bill was his usual energetic (and probably high) self when calling the game. He compared the best player in baseball to a fish.

And even made a bunt call exciting.

The former basketball great is exactly what the MLB needs. The energy he brings, and his outrageous statements made what can sometimes be a slow and boring sport to watch, into must see TV.

Hopefully baseball (finally) leans into this and has more guests like this on its broadcasts. Could you imagine a team of Charles Barkley and Shaq calling a baseball game?!

It makes it much more interesting to watch.

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