Bill Cowher should be the coach the New York Giants pursue if Joe Judge gets fired

Written by Doug Rush

Bill Cowher should be the coach the New York Giants pursue if Joe Judge gets fired.

It’s hard to fathom how Joe Judge went from being the right guy needed for the New York Giants at the end of the 2020 season and now looks like a dead coach walking.

Ever since Tom Coughlin’s departure at the end of the 2015 season, the Giants have been an organization that has been in the “two and done” situation, which is what bad teams like the Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins and New York Jets usually do.

Ben McAdoo was first. He went 13-15, ended Eli Manning’s Ironman streak and got himself fired mid season, which the Giants almost never did. Steve Spagnuolo took over as the interim head coach, went 1-3 and the Giants realized he was a better defensive coordinator than head coach, which is the proof with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Then came Pat Shurmur, who was better off for Daniel Jones’ long-term career, but the Giants went 9-23 and he was fired. Shurmur didn’t stay out of work long though because he is a good assistant coach and offensive coordinator.

Now, Judge, who is 7-14 and likely going to be 7-15 after the Super Bowl hopeful Los Angeles Rams get done with them. Judge went from being a right guy needed to a guy in over his head and looking like another failed coach from the Bill Belichick coaching tree.

His military style as a coach isn’t working, especially when the record is what it is, which is 1-4 and 7-14 overall. His clock management in games is abysmal and his willingness to keep Jason Garrett as the offensive coordinator has done the Giants more harm, especially for Jones, who regressed the minute that happened.

So if, and in all likelihood, when, the Giants fire Judge, who takes over what was once a prominent NFL team that is now an embarrassment.

Considering the Giants are 19-50 since the 2016 season, and since the infamous party boat photo, there should be one person on top of that list as far as what coaches the Giants should be calling.

One with Hall of Fame attached to his resume.

Bill Cowher.

It’s been years since Cowher’s name has been mentioned for the Giants, as the now 64-year-old has been enjoying his retirement while working for CBS.

Before the New York Jets went with Robert Saleh, Cowher was mentioned as a possible coach they wanted, but he turned them down, as he should. The Jets are a different kind of bad.

The Giants were always considered Cowher’s dream coaching job, but there were always things standing in the way; like Coughlin winning two Super Bowl championships and keeping himself off the firing line.

Up until 2016, the rumor was that Cowher still wanted the Giants job. But they never asked to interview him and instead, went with a farce of a coaching search because in the end, John Mara went with Ben McAdoo, who he thought was the next Mike McCarthy and instead, was more of Ray Handley.

After that, Cowher has declared that he was “good” and wasn’t looking to coach elsewhere. After all, the Pro Football Hall of Fame called him in January of 2020 and was officially enshrined this past summer.

So why would Cowher consider the Giants? It’s a good question since he really has nothing left to prove now that he’s a permanent resident of Canton.

People have said that Cowher was out of the game too long and it’s a new NFL now. It’s funny, since power run games and ferocious defenses still win in 2021 as they did in 2006 when he left the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Given the fact that none of the “top assistant coaches” are working for the Giants ever since the Giants forced Coughlin out, they need a proven coach.

One who will command the respect of everyone around him. The Giants have to stop trying to find the next young coach and focus on finding the RIGHT head coach.

If Judge is given the axe after the 2021 season, John Mara’s coaching search should begin with one name on top of it.

Jerome Bettis started all of the talk back in 2010 when Coughlin was on the hot seat. Ever since, it’s been an 11-year back-and-forth with wondering on if Cowher would ever want the Giants.

Given the Giants lack of success and turn into an NFL basement dweller, Cowher is the perfect choice for a struggling franchise.

Had the Giants done the right thing back in January of 2016 and hired Cowher as opposed to McAdoo, Spagnuolo, Shurmur and Judge, they wouldn’t be in this mess as a franchise.

Bill Cowher is the right man for the New York Giants. The sooner that John Mara sees that, the better off he is, and the better off the New York Giants will be.

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