Boy, we got a real treat with this one.

Yesterday we heard about the horrible tragedy regarding a shooting that claimed a now-reported four lives at Oxford High School in Michigan. But one person has by far taken the cake for the most delusional and idiotic take on one of the victims from the shooting.

And that award goes to former ESPN anchor and political stooge, Keith Olbermann, for this tweet in which defamed Barstool Sports, whom he tried to connect with the shooting:

Talk about a tweet worthy of a ratio. The tweet currently has over 6,000 replies, 2,000 quote tweets/retweets, and about 1,800 likes.

First of all for the victim above, Tate Myre, he did pass away sacrificing himself to remove the weapon from the then-active shooter. But, the rest of it, we all are going to disagree with you.

We do not know if he was influenced by his mother to do it, and secondly, to say that the mother was influenced by the ‘Trumpist Fascism’ of Barstool Sports and their founder Dave Portnoy, it’s very defaming towards the company.

And upon reading, Portnoy and his employees even had to chime in and question Keith’s tweet.

For a former sports anchor, he sure has fallen off deep since he left, but it’s not surprising since it is Keith Olbermann.

Keith, do yourself a favor man, and deactivate your Twitter account. The more idiotic takes/tweets you make, the more senile you get. Just our two cents.


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