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Big Time Rough N Rowdy Main Event Set For December, Jeff Nadu Vs Jersey Jerry

This is huge, a match of the fucking ages has just been set for December 10th. The Big Man On Campus Jeff Nadu is taking on The Blue Collar Worker Jersey Jerry, what a fucking world we are in right now. I just want to start off with I’m a fan of both of these guys and I have absolutely no idea if either of them can really fight, but they both seem like some real gritty and will fuck you up kind of people. We have Jeff Nadu, a guy who could be a Mob Boss or the guy doing the hits. He gives off vibes that he could go insane on you and rip your head off but also seems like he could compose himself well and just boss up. On the other hand we have blue collar Jersey Jerry who seems just absolutely insane and just unbreakable. The blue collar work and all is some tough labor you can’t be some pussy just working those jobs, plus Jerry is bouncing back from drugs like a real one so there’s grit on both ends.

This all started with Jerry asking if he could get his money back for a bet if the rule changes because that was a bullshit ass call. Then Nadu replied with what he did(I honestly don’t see too much wrong with what he said but everyone interprets things differently) and to Jerry that just started world war 3. It lead to a lot of funny shit talking and gave us some buzz and hype, and I mean I knew once Jerry called out Jeff that this fight was happening but I saw a lot of people speculating more so on Jeff’s end. Let’s be real though this is Barstool they can make almost anything happen and Jeff isn’t a pussy he’s said he wants to fight in RNR just for the right price which is smart. Barstool of course was able to make this happen because Dave Portnoy can make almost absolutely anything happen, and so we have a main even of Jeff Nadu Vs Jersey Jerry set for December 10th. There is a lot of speculation on who is the better fighter since we have only seen Jerry hitting a bag for 8 seconds, I’m not going to fully take a side on either because it’s truly a toss up and we don’t know about eithers fighting skills really. We do know they both have heart and aren’t afraid, Jeff could come out of this with his and Jerry’s purse or Jerry could come out of this with only his purse but Jeff’s respect. I’m not sure which outcome I’d prefer… but to Jerry it was always about respect.

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