Big Ten Reconsidering Playing Football Season After Realizing How Dumb It Was To Cancel It So Early In The First Place

Written by SpaceGhostChedd

Oh wow, what a surprise! Weeks after the Big Ten tried to be woke & progressive by cancelling their 2020 Fall Football season along with the Pac-12, they’ve realized what an idiotic decision they made.

I guess it’s great news to know that we might get some Big Ten football this year in some shape or form, but it’s a damn shame that it had to come to this. The earliest the season would start would be in mid-October, with the possibility of not starting until January. Such an embarrassing fuck up from the get-go. Now they will have to waste more time figuring out all of the little details, like testing etc., which could’ve been done over the past month while the conference was sitting on their ass twiddling their thumbs. It’s hilarious how the Big Ten & Pac 12 thought the rest of the Power 5 conferences would follow their lead. Instead, the ACC, SEC, & Big 12 laughed in their faces. I feel bad for all of the players who have been in complete limbo due to inept college President’s & AD’s making politically-motivated decisions. Will top NFL-prospects like Justin Fields still play if the season doesn’t start until November? We’ll have to see, but in the meantime, god bless the ACC & SEC.

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