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Big E and Apollo Crews Deserve Better and Have Been Setup For Failure at WrestleMania

Written by Chris Powers

I hate gimmick matches. I take that back, I don’t hate them when they are used properly. A steel cage match used as the blow off to a a main event blood feud, I’m all in on that. A ladder match for a midcard title especially if one of the competitors is a high flyer? I’m good with that too.

But why in the blue hell are Big E and Apollo Crews going to have a Nigerian Drum match at WrestleMania? I’d not even want to know the details of the match. I already hate it. Clearly someone will be wearing a drum for a hat at some point. I see it being full of comedy spots which is not the kind of match either of these guys need at WrestleMania.

I understand the tie in to Crews’ new character. But if Crews doesn’t win this match, he may as well flush his new gimmick down the toilet. Further, the WWE has spent the better part of the last 9 months pushing Big E heavily. Unless they’re ready to take the title off of Big E and give him a main event push, I just can’t understand how this will play out. Crews shouldn’t lose to his own stipulation and Big E shouldn’t be dropping the Intercontinental Title just yet.

Furthermore, how often as brand new gimmick matches any good? Judy Bagwell on a Pole match. Punjabi Prison match. Kennel from Hell match. I could go on and on. Having this kind of stipulation for two young talents that you’re trying to push is only going to hurt them. Now of course there is a total possibility that the two of them could take this unknown match and make it into something great, but going off past history, debut gimmick matches don’t typically work well at WrestleMania (Except the ladder match at WrestleMania X).

It almost feels like WWE feels the need to make it a gimmick match because they don’t know what else to do with this feud. That’s why it bothers me so much that they have all these writers on staff, and instead of putting together a compelling story that could make a regular match be good, they take the cheap way out and conjure up a ridiculous gimmick match.

I feel bad for Big E and Apollo. Here are two guys that have really stepped up their game, and this is what creative gives them.

Maybe it will be entertaining, but my guess it will be a forgettable match and likely go down as one of the worst gimmick matches of all time.

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